Corporate and Compliance

Contemplating buying a company? Starting a business venture with new partners? Need adjusting group structure or expanding into new geography? We will advise on the best solution and help implement it.

Need to improve on compliance? We offer tailored AML compliance and KYC policies. We have worked through details of EU, UK and US sanctions regimes and are able to design group sanctions policies relying on best international practices

Corporate structure is the foundation of a resilient business. It may grow from a single seed to be a mighty tree with many branches. It is our job is to care after the planting, the growth and throughout maturity. We are there to ensure that you are have all the advantages available within the legal framework.

International expertise
Transactions in 50+ jurisdictions
Protecting every interest
Structuring ownership for majority holders and protecting minority interests. Creating employee participation schemes and designing incentives
Supporting at every stage
From household names to A-series companies
Ensuring robust compliance
Actively engaging in AML, KYC and sanctions compliance. In-depth experience in managing multi-jurisdictional scenarios and specific exposures


Shareholders' Agreements
Joint Ventures
Share Purchase Agreements and Asset Acquisitions
Due Diligence
Country Set-Ups, Corporate Structures and Groups
Sanctions, KYC & AML and Corporate Policies
Corporate Governance and Director Duties
Data Protection